I believe the Lord has shown me that a storm of great consequence is coming to the nations. A series of catastrophes that will feed terror in the hearts of people. I see the rolling tempest threatening shores and fields and the foundations of the earth trembling beneath the feet of men. I see the dread of men causing hearts to grow faint. This is a season of woe. The earth and creation can no longer sustain order in the face of the darkness that now covers it.

What shall the church do? How can she be prepared? Has her lamps become empty void of any light at His coming? Has she vacated her station only to be absent in the time of great consequence? Has her ministry of reconciliation become silenced in the season of judgment? Will the King find His bride asleep at the gate with the slumber of impatience when He returns to receive her? When the earth begins to reel in pain will the church quicken to her feet and receive what the nations will give up. It’s time to awaken! It’s time to prepare! Stand at the gate for the nations are coming with their sons and daughters. Light your lamp for darkness has hidden the way of salvation. Creation cannot sustain itself it earns for the sons of God to be revealed. The earth is manifesting its woe. It’s time for the church to manifest His glory.

The voice of Issachar’s sons (1Chronicles 12:32)

1. Local churches should coordinate and establish individual homes capable and willing to accommodate dislodged families within their local communities or refugee families driven out of their homes from other localities.
2. Coordinate with local farmers and co-op groups to cover food needs
3. Coordinate couponing groups within the church to assist in filling individual food pantries with non-perishable goods for each family in the church plus another family for each church family for at least a month.
4. Coordinate with service professionals within the local church in the community that can assist with hygiene, physical, medical and dental needs.
5. Coordinate with those in the local churches that are skilled in hunting and fishing.
6. Those who have knowledge to preserve food and can food need to teach others in the church how to can and preserve food.
7. Those that know how to sew need to teach others the skill
8. Church buildings should invest in generators with extra fuel to accommodate for a least a month.
9. Individuals and families should stock on batteries, flash lights and lanterns as they can.
10. Those with grills should prepare with fuel and/or charcoal to accommodate for at least a month.
11. Local churches should collect a supply of fire wood to distribute to those in need.
12. Families should ensure that entry ways into their homes are secure without the dependence of powered security systems.
13. Local churches need to coordinate with families and individuals to facilitate a system to check on those with special needs, those who are older and those who are weak.
14. Every family should have at least two emergency aid kits available in their homes.
15. Every home should have a fire pit.
16. Every family and every home should have a set time to pray in the morning and in the evening together.

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