Today being the 1st of April is observed as April Fools.  As I was returning home from the gym I felt like the Lord began to speak to me saying, “Today is the beginning of my making foolish the wisdom of the age.”  I further heard Him say in my spirit, “The confidence of knowledge and lofty intelligence will be challenged by the manifestation of things in heaven and on earth. “  For some time now I have been sensing in my spirit that beginning in April of this year we would begin seeing some major shifts and changes all over the world; shifts and changes that would involve everything from governments, nature, and even in the church.  It will be like someone turned the page of existence and a paradigm shift occurred; where things were one way as we go to bed, and have become another way when we wake up.

It is ever of great urgency that we as disciples of Jesus Christ understand that our inheritance is in a Kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:25-29).  Our trust cannot be in the things created by man, but our trust must be in the Lord our God.  For those whose faith remains in this truth they will prosper through such times, and for those who do not they will become shipwrecked in their faith tortured by the fear that overtakes them.

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