On October 11th of this year I was sitting outside Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee when I received this prophetic word. Since then I have read a similar account in Revelation 9.

I saw as if the realm of the natural was peeled back and the realm of the spirit was opened up like a gate. And then I saw a black mass more like a smoke than a cloud begin to bellow out and begin to cover the earth. And I felt I heard the Lord say, “the time of gross darkness will begin to cover the earth and even already has. And the fears, hurts, hate and anger that fills mans hearts will amplify under the torment of the darkness. They will no longer be conscious of life, but will seek their own death and destruction as reprieve from this torment. Only those who have the Spirit of life will be protected from the torment of this present darkness.” It was almost as if I could see the soul of men being so tormented in their minds and emotions; void of any hope and absent of any reality, their conscious being numbed so that they had no sense of self-control. But in the midst of this dangerous darkness were lights that shined and the darkness could not touch.

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