What season have I called the inhabitants of the earth to move into, says the Lord?  Is this not the season of separation?  Behold the sun of creation will yield the government of its light to the Son of Man whose radiance will be the glory that shines upon the children of light.  Darkness will soon overshadow the sons of night who walk in disobedience, but those who are sons of the day will labor in the hour of My reckoning, going forth with the seed and sickle.  My mercy has overcome my judgement, My grace has overcome My anger, and My love has overcome My wrath.  Standing at the four corners of earth are those awaiting My trumpet sound.  They will soon go forth and separate the wheat from the tares.  Those who have scattered themselves among My elect to deceive, divide and destroy. They will no longer have their place among My people.  They have brought a reproach against the witness of My name.  They seek their own ambitions and assign My name to the evil that proceeds from them.  They defy authority, they abhor justice, and they deny truth.  I say repent that your soul may know well My kindness for those who refuse it will suffer the dealings of My anger.

Look!  For those sealed by My Spirit are speaking wonders that creation has yearned to hear.   They are flames among timber ready to ignite the earth with the fire of My Spirit.  They are the dew of heaven making wet the parched wildernesses.  Who are these the world cannot contain?  Who are they that walk the earth with the authority of the Most High?  Who are these that overcome with peace, triumph with gladness and stand mighty against evil?  These are the Sons and Daughters of the King of Glory, who have touched the mountain of God and stand in His holy presence.  They bear the name given to them that no man knows, but heaven and earth have longed to hear.  Their hands are trained for war, but they have come to execute the justice of My righteousness in mercy and grace.  In this year those who are Mine will manifest with power the evidence of My name and they will rise up in all nations, shouting with loud voices the news of My goodness.

Woe to you nations of the world for you serve My purposes even in your wickedness you bring forth what I have ordained according to My word.  As a stage set for theater and those who take their positions in character, so the nations of the world with their governments and rulers carry out the final scene from the script I have inscribed.  Take heed you inhabitants of the earth watch as I fulfill My word before your very eyes.  They will gather to the North.  They will seek war and to paint the land with the blood of My people, but they will see My face and be consumed.  Rage will fill the hearts of the people for I have stood in defense of her who I call Israel.

Now listen carefully those who have ear to hear what the Spirit is saying.  The mighty fortresses, the unscaleable walls, the impassible mountains that have hindered you in the ways I have called you; face them and shout grace to them.  For I have weakened them in their strength and made them like glass.  You shall penetrate them with the force of great faith breaking through with thanksgiving in your mouth and praises upon your lips.  You who arrive on the other side of what others have rejected by retreating, you will be known as My overcomers.

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