This is the prophetic word I feel God has given me for this new year.  At the end of every year I pray, and seek God for His word concerning the new year, and what things we His people need to know to prepare and position ourselves to move forward strategically in the coming days.  Even God says, “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7 NIV).  I pray this word encourages, inspires and equips each of you for the greater things the Father has ordained for this extraordinary time in which we live.  Please continue reading with a prayerful and discerning heart.

“Hear Me,” says the Lord, “from My holy habitation, for I am He who sits upon the eternal throne Who reigns over heaven and earth.  Listen, you kings, governors, and princes for I am about to do a great thing upon the earth.  The scales of history will tilt, and all that I have declared by My word will no longer delay, and the earth with all its inhabitants will know that I am God.  In one hand I hold the sword of My judgment that will execute My justice upon the wicked with all their gods, and in the other hand I hold My scepter and with it I bestow My authority to the people whose God is the Everlasting God.  I am the I am: the eternal God of heaven and earth. By My word the heavens were brought into being, and by it the earth and all that it contains was formed.  There is no authority except by Me,” says the Lord.  “You who are My people know the day of your inheritance.  Know the day of your salvation and the fulfillment of My promises.  You who are a holy nation, a royal priesthood, and a people chosen for My possession, has not My eye seen the day I have ordained to reveal My glory? Has not My ear heard the cries of the prophets, the elders, the generation of Jacob, a nation of people not born of man, but of My Spirit?  Behold, you nations of the earth, as I shine with all My glory upon a people whose name is the name of the Lord.  In the hour of great dread and despair they will not be troubled, nor will they hunger or thirst for their trust not in resources of man, but their trust in the name of the Lord their God.  Their enemies will pursue them one way, but will be made to flee from them a thousand ways.  You who live and linger in the valley of death, you will cry out for help, but will find none for fear will torment you by day and by night.  The mountain of God will rise up, and it will crush the mountains of man making them plains to walk across.  My government will no longer lie idle among a people elected by My grace to fulfill the purposes set forth by My mouth.  No longer will My body be in slumber in the hour of My visitation, nor My priests absent from their duties for the return of My glory.  Listen, My people, lest like Manasseh you be taken prisoner by Babylon.  You who have ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying.  Babylon, the system of this world ruled by the principality, will seek to take you into captivity, binding you with the yoke of fear and dismay, but heed My word, and gird up yourselves with courage, for the government of this world will recognize the absolute authority of an everlasting Kingdom which rests upon you to execute My will in this hour of My favor.”

“Watch!” Says the Lord, “The economic system of this world will reset in an attempt to restore balance to a global economy.  However, this attempt by man in his corrupt wisdom will fail and the fragile god of mammon will collapse by the greed of its priests and prophets.  This will set the stage of a new era of power in the earth; an alliance of nations will form from the east that will rule for a time, but their time will be shortened. Like a high tower with no foundation it will soon topple, thus giving way to another power that will seduce the earth.  The books have been opened; it has been written and thus it shall be; what I have spoken will come to be in the closing of an age.  Arise, My bride, and make yourself ready for the Spirit says come!  The Spirit and the bride say Come!”

  1. outbackjack says:

    Finally a word that makes sense. Too many so called prophetic words saying ear tickling things so glad to have found your page. God gave me the words tortuous and torturous for 2014. Conniving twists and turns, deceit from leaders, lies and trickery. Many will be persecuted for their faith. God however will hold His people in the palm of His hand and comfort them. The righteous will never be shaken. Maranatha Lord.

  2. Stephanie Bovender says:

    I am truly honoured to live this day connected and committed with Team Jesus!
    Thank you Lord for Jonathon, for making an incredible man truly in your image right here in paradise!
    Here’s to a bright future. 🙂

  3. Netha says:

    Amen, Amen and AMEN! May we prayerfully consider our part and responsibility. May we be as” the wise [virgins] who took oil in their vessels with their lamps…” to meet the Bridegroom! Mathew 25:1-13 🙂 Exciting times!!!

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