There are times when I see things and I’m not sure how to share them. I trust that anyone reading this blog will take time to give ear to What the Spirit of the Lord is saying. I believe that everyone needs to prepare for turbulent exit of 2011 and entrance into 2012. I feel that something or a series of somethings will cause the fears of people to be amplified as we come into the first of the year. I want to challenge every true believer in Jesus Christ to take several days in the week throughout the month of December to pray. Pray for the church, our nation and your families. I’m not a pessimist or a doomsday prophet, but I do believe in being prepared, and that God does nothing without revealing it first to His prophets (Amos 3:7). I pray that we as believers in Jesus Christ will allow our hearts, minds and spirits to be prepared by the Lord to endure and to put absolute trust in His word.

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