Why doesn’t God exist? I’ve confronted this belief system multiple times in the tenor of my ministry. The question and doubts of God’s existence, and the demand for proof is one that seems to be growing in the climate of our present secular culture. This debate often finds modern Christians scrambling to defend their shallow understanding, and to reassure even themselves of God’s existence providing reason for the belief they hold. To take a minute and examine the question of God’s existence is to delve into the depraved mind of humanity and dark heart that scoffs at the idea of any authority beyond itself (Jeremiah 17:9). As humans we have evolved in our wickedness to a self promoted superior intellectualism that explains away the common sense of conscious to validate the arrogant belief of human deism. This is the belief that we as human beings are entitled by the evolution of intellect to in essence be god of ourselves, and alone posses the qualities of virtue that govern the existence and fate of the individual with no regard to personal or universal consequence (Isaiah 47:10). Why doesn’t God exist? Simply put; we don’t want to answer to Him. We have concluded that the boundaries of absolutes as defined by God are archaic and out of touch with our acceptable narcistic society.

The belief or disbelief of God does not determine the existence of God. The demand of evidence by an elite minded society is only evidence of the pompous spirit that controls their reason, and does not manipulate God to subject Himself to the arrogant dictation of His creation (Isaiah 29:16). God never needs the belief of mankind to manifest the evidence of His existence, but the existence and welfare of mankind does depend on the existence of God. Consider for a moment those invisible attributes that determine and govern the existence of mankind that we do not deny. We cannot see oxygen, but we do not dispute its existence because of its invisibility. We submit to its existence due to the evidence of its prevalence to our existence, and the same could be said of other natural unseen forces such as gravity, time, etc. There are many visible attributes that are evidence of the invisible God, but we choose to dismiss these attributes and explain away the measuring evidence of His existence with foolish theories of chaotic and unplanned genesis (Romans 1:20).

The single greatest gauge of God’s existence is not in the elements of His creation, but in the virtues of a human heart touched by His love. The acceptance of God in Christ transforms the heart of man from that of wicked to that of righteous and thus becomes the single most powerful evidence of God’s existence. This is where we as modern Christians have failed the world that we live in. We have tried to debate on the level of human intellect the existence of God when the evidence of His existence is not proven by our debates, but by our lifestyle (Matthew 5:16). We have perfected the complications of religion, but have neglected the simplicity of relationship. We seek in our religion what we sought in our humanism; control. But proof of God’s existence is in our relinquishing control to Him so He can manifest Himself through the heart of humanity. To this end there is no debate to His existence because the evidence defies the intellect of human understanding.

  1. Michael McLeod says:

    Hey Jonathan, it’s Michael McLeod (previously Dozier). I’m really fascinated by this article. In the past year or so, I feel like I have been called to apologetics. In a way, the direction that I’ve been shown is a gift, and is unmistakably God revealing himself to me. However, I am now constantly challenging myself as far as His existence goes. I cannot stop reading and researching texts regarding the design for the universe, moral objective values, and other aspects of life that point to Him as a creator. I feel like this is an eye opening field to study, but it is also nearly destabilizing in its challenges. Is this just me? Or do you feel any sort of challenge when trying to fathom His existence?


    • admin says:

      Hey Michael, I commend you on your journey to gain a healthy perspective in the defense of our faith. I would caution you however that in your pursuit of knowledge that you do not loose perspective of your faith. After all God says that without faith it is impossible to please Him. Apologetic s should never be pursued to validate what we believe or know, but to further enhance our understanding of the depth of His wisdom. I’ve personally witnessed those who have taken the same path and sadly became shipwrecked in their faith. One of the greatest apologists of all time was the Apostle Paul himself. But he was this way because his understanding of the mystery’s of God came out of His relationship and not His knowledge. Though he had great knowledge and was extremely learned His relationship brought understanding to the knowledge He had and thus resulted in a greater faith. That’s where I want to encourage you. Don’t replace your relationship with your knowledge it will destroy your faith. Blessings!

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