Christmas is the season when the charity of God’s heart is rediscovered in the heart of humanity. When we consider giving with no conditions. When those who are in need are not an inconvenience, but an opportunity for others to be benevolent. Christmas marks the moment that the unconditional love of the Father gave the gift of His only begotten Son to a creation in need of light and life. It is the light of Him who is life that illuminates the darkness of men’s soul and regenerates it into a living spirit. What marks the Christian holiday season different than any other recognized holiday celebrated during the same time? It is the fact that other religions celebrate a “miracle” that gave for a moment, and as Christians celebrate the eternal miracle of love, hope, peace and life that creates joy in the hearts of desperate people.

Christmas time is not an occasion to simply elevate a pompous religion that exalts itself above every other, but rather the first introduction to a relationship with God and His beloved creation through His only begotten son. The gift of God Himself wrapped in flesh born to man to demonstrate His love for us; not in His birth, but in His death. The gift that heaven cheered would become the gift men would jeer. Who would guess that the peace He would bring in His light would be the catalyst of war within the darkened heart of men? Who would think that the love He would show would be the fuse to ignite a hatred of His name? And who could have conceived that the gift of God’s life would propel men to embrace their own death?

Christmas is all about the reintroduction of God’s heart for His creation, and the resurrection is all about the fulfillment of God’s promise to redeem His creation. Atheist hate Christmas because it is the season that echoes the herald’s of hope, joy and peace to all mankind through the Son of man; which violates the boundaries of rational thinking, but speaks to the core desire of every person. Those who love their darkness, embrace their misery and defend their hopelessness under the brand of rational thought or elite intelligence will attempt to produce a social climate that will assault whatever seems confrontational to their desired spiritual condition.

A war on Christmas is a war on everything that elevates the kindness, generosity and joy that God ordained this season to bring in the birth of His beloved Son. But what is rediscovered in a season is reborn and established in a faith in Him who is Christ the Lord. God showed us in Jesus who we were made to be, and who we could become if we accepted Him and His life that He gave for us. What makes Christmas so dangerous to the seat of darkness and its claim on mankind? It gives us all a taste of what we want, and reminds us of our core desire to have what God promised to all humanity if only we believe.

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