America has been gripped with yet another high profile court case, the potential ramifications of which will pulse through the fabric of every community across our nation.  American citizens have become addicted to the sensational drama that propagates itself in court rooms as justice, and also engineers the frame of mind that civilly governs us as a people.


The tragedy here is that a checkmate was made on justice in this case when politics and social agendas infused themselves as not just an influence in the pursuit of justice, but the governing force that manipulated and controlled the process of justice. When we, as a nation, allow the framework of law to be restructured on the subjective ideologies and philosophies of unstable opinions rather than the absolutes of a higher law, the innate nature of corruption that exists within each of us is empowered to rule all of us.  Thus, justice is never served and the weak become preyed upon by the villains of crime and, even worse, the villains of social and political propaganda that use tragic situations and their victims  to simply further their agendas with no real concern for justice of the afflicted.


In reference to the case at hand, do I believe that George Zimmerman (the defendant) is innocent of any crime?  Absolutely not.  Do I believe he is guilty of what the state has determined to be the crime for which he is guilty? Absolutely not.  The fact remains that an armed adult male pursued an unarmed adolescent young man not with the intent to kill, but with the misguided intent to take the law into his own hands based on what he perceived to be a threat to the community he deputized himself to protect beyond the limitations of the law.  The Stand-Your-Ground law was framed with the intent to empower the potential victim of a crime with the ability to defend themselves from unprovoked behaviors that lead to imminent danger.  Unfortunately, the trial is not to argue the intent of the law as it was framed, but the application of the law in a particular situation.  I believe that George Zimmerman, guided by his own arrogance, pursued a young man with the intent to apply the authority of law that he was not given the license to apply.  A young man in his own arrogance may have challenged Zimmerman’s pursuit and accusation, leading to what we know to be a fight that ultimately lead to the death of an innocent young man.  Was this a case of racial hate?  I do not believe so, not in its genesis.  I believe it has become a racial case because we are looking for something to blame outside the reasonable responsibility of human nature with its misguided intent: a human nature that is full of arrogance, pride, defiance, etc.  We allow media and politics to fantasize racism as the motive because, without it, their is no leverage to manipulate the emotions of a nation leading us into a mindset that agrees with the agendas they pursue.  In the end, a young, black male who was doing no wrong suffered an unjust death and is ultimately left with little or no justice on his behalf, just an angry nation that is, once again, tricked into division so that those who have no interest in real justice can stage themselves as heroes of a “just cause”.

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