I am very late in writing this, and for that I apologize.  I feel however, that I must share a prophetic word God gave me in January that we are watching come to pass at this very moment.  On January 23rd 2013, while at Starbucks sitting with prophetess Joni Ames, Dr. Tim Hines and Pastor Charles Sansom Jr. I was given a word concerning a major transfer of mantel in the Catholic Church.  I shared with them this particular word:

The Lord showed me that in the second term of President Obama the present Pope (Pope Benedict XVI) would no longer serve as Pope due to his health.  There is coming a major shift in the religious government that will propel events in the earth that must happen according to God’s will.  I believe that the Lord showed me that the next Pope would be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He would be a wicked man that will rule with a rod of deception and seduction.  There will come under his rule a new order in Catholic doctrine, and as a result there would be an exodus of true believers from the Catholic Church worldwide.  However his teaching and rule will be widely embraced by the global geopolitical stage, and he will be hailed as a hero of unification.  There is coming a dark mantle upon earth, and it will be given great authority, yet the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.  These things must happen for God’s word will not delay in what it has been given power to accomplish in this hour.

Please understand that this is a prophetic word that I believe God gave me, and it is in no way meant to disrespect the Catholic Church or those who are numbered among it covering.  I know many genuine Catholic believers whose heart is given to the pure love of Jesus Christ, and I have nothing but the utmost respect and brotherly love for each of them.  But as one who hears from God I must not silence myself in fear of disfranchising individuals that may not agree, or will find what I share offensive because of personal devotions.  What I ask of all believers that in times like these that we commit ourselves to continual prayer, petitioning God for His wisdom and discernment in such times.  May the God of peace rule your heart with the comfort and courage of His Spirit.

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  1. Changeurheart says:

    I feel as a Christian that I should hold you accountable. Have you ever given any positive messages that has occured since President Obama has been in term or the even the new Pope. Why is there so much evoking of fear in your messages that have to deal with his term, did any terror happen in Bush’s term that you would like to expand upon. I believe many prophetic messages in the bible were not always about a nation’s collapse, but about the uplifting of the church and the edifying of saints. Maybe you should consider just writing a blog, instead of a prophetic message that claims to condemn so much until its borderline racist against religion and in politics. Okay, I’ll just be prophetic and say it is racist. Here’s a prophetic message for you, “With Loving Kindness have I drawn you.” Also, some of your refugee states such as Florida voted for President Obama.

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