I’m writing on a topic that hits rather close to home; literally! With an election year just a month away we have already begun to hear the political wrangling of both major parties. In my opinion the average American does not fully understand this complicated issue and thus both parties play spin trying to rally their constituents to their position. I’m fed up with both republicans and democrats playing politics with the welfare and well-being of individuals and families that desire to become apart of a nation that has flagged itself as the “Land of Opportunity”.

Here’s the problem! We want to talk about deportation of all illegal aliens when we are not serious about a sensible means to secure our border. That is like mopping up water while the leak still gushes. Common sense tells us that you have to deal with the leak before you can deal with the mess. The other problem is we have made the process of citizenship an impossible process. The policies that dictate this process are corrupt with multiple hypocrisies. As a pastor I have had to walk with members through this process, and currently I have a brother-in-law engaged in the demoralizing procedures of legal stunting.

One side wants to deport all illegal’s (a generalization) the other side wants to give them amnesty. I can’t blame illegals for wanting to remain here illegally when our system punishes those who attempt to do it legally. So the problem isn’t the illegal’s it’s the system. For example, my brother-in-law is Costa Rican and has his first child on the way. A prevailing myth is that if you marry an American it is automatic citizenship. This is no longer the case. Nor is it the case that if you have a child in America that you become an American citizen even though that baby is. My brother-in-law was required to have an interview with immigration. Immigration tried to schedule that interview in Jacksonville where they were going to deport him, so his attorney requested that the interview be scheduled in Costa Rica where he was returning so he could complete the process. If he had been deported he would not be able to complete the process and likely never be able to apply. This is how the government wants to manipulate its stats to show it is proactive in deporting illegal aliens. Now they are having a hard time even getting the interview scheduled with immigration officials. All of this while he and my sister are having a baby in January here in the states.

Another example and even more reprehensible in my opinion is that my sister has to prove EXTREME hardship. This is hardship on her alone; the baby cannot be a variable in the burden of proof. She has to prove how his absence will cause extreme financial hardship on her. Yet she has to also prove that she is financially stable enough to support hm so he does not become a burden to the state. This is flagrant hypocrisy threaded into the policies of our immigration process that inhibits individuals who desire to become legal to succeed in their pursuit.

Do I believe we must keep track of those who are entering our country? Of course we must! We have a duty to protect our people from any influence that would cripple the sovereignty of individuals or local municipalities or even our nation. So securing our borders is a must and must become a priority. We must also reform our current system of legalization. This system and the need for greater boarder control have been sucked into the cyclone of political spin. Our leaders need to take a hard look at the core values we possess as a constitutional republic that was conceived by the bill of rights and declaration of independence. Our core values as a nation are not defined by the agendas or platforms of political parties, but by the fundamental beliefs that our forefathers laid as a foundation so a nation of liberty and justice for all could be built for generations to come.

  1. Donna says:

    I never really looked at immigration from this stand point before, thank you for opening my eyes to a different view. I don’t understand why it is so hard for a person such as your brother-in-law to gain citizenship but yet our government will give it freely to terrorist, such as some of the one that attacked the Word Trade Center! I am in a way disheartened and sad about the way things in our country and around the world for that matter are going, but I believe these things have to come to pass so I don’t look for things to change only get worse. I do pray things work out for your sister and brother-in-law…I will keep them in my prayers! Again, thank you for helping me understand this issue better.

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