Who would have ever thought that Christmas would become an offensive holiday? When the bright lights and glistening ornaments dressing a tree would create controversy on what it should be called. When the simple and friendly greeting “Merry Christmas” would be banned from the publications of retailers’ ads and the mouths of department store employees? Or when classrooms all across America can no longer call their parties “Christmas” parties? Or when nativity scenes are prohibited in public squares? What has happened to America?

For those who know me know that Christmas is my favorite time of year. If you come to my house you will find it all decked out with the colorful arrangements of Christmas décor. It’s a season rich with tradition shared by family and friends. It’s the season when people stop to consider the goodwill of others not just themselves. We have this season because it is the recognition of Christ’s birth, a man whose life was given to ensure peace and goodwill to ALL people. How is it that the very person whose birth we are celebrating is being removed from the reason for the season?

Some would argue whether or not there is a “war on Christmas”. Just because you may not share the sentiments of others who are pushing an anti-Christmas agenda doesn’t mean there isn’t an obvious attempt to remove “Christmas” from the label of this Christian holiday. When you have city, state and national leaders officially changing the name of a Christmas tree to a Holiday Tree or The People’s Tree then there is an obvious push to delete Christmas from our culture. We’ve allowed the ill will of some to turn Christmas into a season that drives people apart rather than bring them together; where Christmas is a segregation of religions rather than a celebration. We cannot continue to allow the spirit of offense to govern the course of our nation or our culture any longer.

I realize that other religions take this time of year to celebrate their beliefs and in the country that these beliefs were conceived they celebrate them proudly. In America we have the liberty to celebrate whatever we as individuals care to celebrate based on what we believe, but like it or not we were a nation built on the foundation of Judeo Christian values and beliefs. Not everyone believed in them and were free not to, just as they are now. But to disrespect the roots of our existence is to reject the values that sustain our existence and risk our own demise. So regardless of what you personally believe allow the wholesome traditions of a culture and society to be preserved, and not fall into the grinder of ill will and personal offenses that seeks to encapsulate a society into one’s own misery.

  1. Tom Koncar says:

    I agree with you totally – Jonathan. There has been a war on CHRISTMAS for more than five years. When I was still teaching school, the “wise” people that ran the school board changed the calendar to say winter holidays instead of CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! Those who don’t believe in GOD want to remove everything that mentions HIM.
    Keep on doing what you are doing – Jonathan! You are an encouragement to a dark society.

  2. Rachel says:

    I don’t think its so much people want to get God out of the picture as wanting to feel acknowledged accept other peoples belief systems. I am a proud Christian, yes. However I also know and accept people of other faiths and their beliefs. Imagine if you were on the other side of things and every year it was “Hanukkah Holidays” and you just wanted your faith to be recognized. I honestly don’t care what they call the tree in my house as long as we can all get together and appreciate what this time of year, and life as a matter of fact, is all about; appreciating one another and the blessings we all have and share.

  3. ibrahem.khan1 says:

    Agreed and appreciated.. No matter what country your living in, no matter what religion you follow, you should have the full right of celebrating your religious events openly. All i can say is your own posed question- what has happened to America?

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