In the modern day of social engineering and philosophical spin we have somehow allowed the anti-faith movement to tilt the cultural scale to a growing belief that public display of faith is a crime of intolerance. We have become such a confused and upside down society. It is acceptable to propagate values such as promiscuity, violence, greed, obscenity, among many others. We display them in our music, movies, TV shows, social networks, etc. But when we begin to display our faith any other place outside our homes or churches it has become considered a jester of hate and offense to anyone who may think differently.

Recently Tim Tebow flared up this debate when he showed His gratitude to Jesus Christ for his achievements with the Denver Broncos on the football field. There was a time when there seemed to be a sacred bond between football and faith. But now even that bond has come under the scrutiny of the anti-faith agenda. The tentacles of this monster have no limit to where it will reach. When men and women whether public figures or not display their faith, and then are challenged to return to the closet of their beliefs we must be vigilant to stand be proud of who we are, and value our liberty to openly share who we are.

The problem with the liberal left is they have hailed their cause to defend the rights of the minority, but want to silence the voice of anyone who seems to contradict their philosophical or ideological point of view. I believe that one man’s freedom to speak is not to prevent another from speaking, or it’s not freedom it’s fascism. Many on this side of the social spectrum consider themselves the educated elite, but fear open debate because the foolishness of their thinking is exposed by the simple principles of liberty, justice and equality. The progressive agenda of those who fear freedom except for the furtherance of their fascist movement has been one of slow erosion to the very fundamentals that support the rights of every person regardless of religious, political or social persuasion. The problem with an open air market of religious, political and moral expression is truth will always prevail.

Do not let the anti-faith agenda cast a shadow on your freedom to display your faith. This monster only grows as we feed into it with our fear. The strategy behind this movement is to intimidate people from sharing their beliefs, but if we do not yield to it with fear it will roll back into the pit from which it came.

  1. Josh Newton says:

    I don’t think there is a war on all faith. There is a war on a particular kind of faith (mainly an intolerant one that upholds values of individualism, conservatism, capitalism, etc.). It is the kind of faith that believes that it should force its religious ideals onto the rest of society through political means. This is a kind of faith that should be fought against. An example of this is your portrayal of progressives as fascists. Instead of understanding that different people have different political ideas, you start tossing around propagandizing vocabulary that forces the people who read your writing to take an either/or stand. These kinds of dualisms are destructive and in the end it is this kind of language that creates a “war on faith” or an us vs. them attitude. It is people of this kind of faith that are creating a “war” that no one else is fighting.

  2. Secular Simian says:

    You said, “anti-faith movement.”

    Faith means believing things without evidence, or contrary to the evidence, because you want it to be true (your own Bible describes it this way in Hebrews 11:1).

    So if faith is believing things irrationally, without evidence, then the “anti faith movement” could also be called the “rational thinking movement.”

    The world needs more rational thinking, don’t you think?

    • Jason says:

      Hebrews 11:1 does not say faith is believing things contrary to evidence sir. You’re twisting Scripture to say what you want it to say. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is still accepted as historical fact. The Bible has proven more reliable historically and archeologically than any other ancient document in history. The theory of spontaneous generation and random mutation is laughable in its odds at bringing about and sustaining life. It is a desperate grasp at straws by sinful people who don’t want to believe they will be held accountable to a higher authority. But one day we all will be held accountable (Hebrews 9:27)

      • Secular Simian says:

        Jason said, “The resurrection of Jesus Christ is still accepted as historical fact.”

        It is only accepted as “historical fact” by those who consider their bronze age book of fairy tales to be literal fact. Tell me, do you also believe that a snake talked to a woman? Do you believe that woman was literally made from a man’s rib? Please tell me, I can’t wait to hear!

        Jason said, “But one day we all will be held accountableBut one day we all will be held accountable”

        Jason, did you know that over a Billion people on the Earth are Muslims? Did you know that they believe, just as strongly as you, that their holy book is true? Did you know that THEY believe that Christians, just like the non-deluded, will go to Muslim Hell? They believe that Allah will peel your skin off during the day, then make it grow back over night so he can do it again the next day, and the next, for all of eternity? Did you know that?

        Now, the real question is, does that scare you? If a Muslim told you that someday YOU will be held to the “higher authority” of Allah? No, I expect that threat means nothing to you, because you know it is just a fairy tale. Now, please realize, your threats of being “held accountable” mean just as little to me, or anyone else not deluded by blind faith in the superstitions of bronze age, slave holding, flat Earth-believing goat herders, as those Muslim threats mean to you.

        • Rachel says:

          People should, and in this country thankfully do, have the right to follow whatever religion they choose. It may not always be easy but we have it better than so many other people in this world not having to fear death when going to a church, or a mosque, or a temple to worship.

          We shouldn’t feel that our religion is the “correct one” only if all others are “wrong.” I have my faith and it has been proven true to me time and time again and I don’t need to tell other people that what they believe is false to make my convictions any more true to me. Many other people of many other faiths I’m sure have had experiences in their lives to make their faith true to them.

          I believe there is one Creator of this world, some may call him Allah, some call him Father, and many other people address Him by many other names. Whatever your beliefs are, I don’t think that He would go through all the trouble of making this world so beautiful, and every one in it so unique for us to fight amongst ourselves.

          I’m only one person with one humble opinion, but I become so saddened when we create hate towards each other when its our differences that make us beautiful.

  3. Anton says:

    My “anti-faith” strategy has nothing to do with intimidating people from sharing their beliefs. I welcome and encourage free thought. My “anti-faith” strategy is to serve freely what I have gathered to be true. I aim to rid the world of non-evidence based idealology that is harmful to societies of the world. For example: We evolved from less complex organisms (fact). This means no first man (Adam), no first woman (Eve), no fall of man, and no truth to the supernatural claims that follow (fact). There is no god that “cast out and stone” non-believers, “hates fags”, or grants eternal life. Teaching these principles to children is false and I consider to be child abuse.

    • Donna says:

      All I have to say is ignorant! Maybe you should read a little more and get your fact(s) straight! I will pray for you, for your eyes to be open before it is to late!

      • Secular Simian says:

        Whoa, whoa, wait a second there, Donna. Are you trying to TEACH Anton about your religion?! Are you aware that your own holy book specifically forbids you, a woman, from teaching Anton, a man? Please refer to 1 Timothy 2:12, which says the following:

        “I do not permit a woman to TEACH or have authority over a man. She must remain SILENT.”

        If you respect your Bible, then you must be silent, and never, ever attempt to teach a man. But if you wish to ignore your Bible’s clear command, I’m perfectly willing to hear your opinion, because unlike your Bible’s authors, I am not a bigot, and contrary to your Bible’s teachings, I believe woman are equals of men.

        • Donna says:

          Did you bother to read the entire book of 1 Timothy, how about the chapter you are referring to, ummm maybe the just the verse ahead and behind the one you are quoting? Yeah I didn’t think so, so let me explain it to you…this is Paul’s advice to Timothy about how he thinks Timothy should run his “church”, Paul also said it was the way he ran his church. It was not God or Jesus that said anything like that! But of course as an unbeliever you probably didn’t understand that…I am reminded of Matthew 13:11-15 when JESUS is explaining to His disciples why He uses parables when He is talking to people. They look but they don’t see, they hear but they don’t listen, they read but they don’t understand. They don’t get a revelation (a true understanding) into the word of God because they are unbelievers and have been blinded by the enemy and the evils of this world, so He has to speak to them in parables so they will understand. I hope I have helped you to understand better. I will continue to share and be a disciple for Jesus Christ because that is what He has called me to do, just as He has many many other women…Some of the books of the Bible were written by WOMEN…Yes really, don’t believe…check it out for yourself! Again, I will continue to pray for you and I speak peace and blessings over you and your family!

  4. Lisa Hutchinson says:

    Amen! It’s time to throw political correctness into the garbage can where it belongs and be bold for our faith even in the face of persecution! We have as a church bought the lie that we aren’t supposed to publicly display or share our faith. That’s a lie from the pit of hell. We are to boldly proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord! Even if we are not free to do so, we still have an obligation to go into all the world, sharing our faith! May we become passionate and bold about displaying, sharing and walking in our faith!

  5. Lisa Hutchinson says:

    When we boldly display our faith we are not displaying a “religion” that is dead and lifeless and only made up of a list of dos and don’ts , but rather we are displaying a relationship with a real person, the person of Jesus Christ who is alive and well. We are showing the world that we love and adore this person and we want others to know about him and how full of love and power he is. We want others to have the same experiential reality of knowing this man named Jesus that we have. The one true God that humbled himself and became a man that the world through him might be saved and be given eternal life. This isn’t a matter of force. This is a matter of life and death. People’s lives matter too much to care what they think about our public display!
    Lisa Hutchinson recently posted..GOD IS NOT IN LACKMy Profile

  6. Lisa says:

    I will not let any anti-faith agenda take away my freedom to display my faith. I take a “stand’ for my christianity. A few years back, in another state, Home Depot fired a man for wearing a button that reflected his love for Jesus. I emailed a nice letter to them reflecting my views and that my money still reads, “In God We Trust” and that I would be taking my Godly money to Lowes. Never did get a response from them. I boycotted Home Depot. Have not stepped in there since! I don’t want to do business with any company that refuses freedom of religion.

  7. WMonroe says:

    I cannot understand why others find it so difficult or threatening or offensive to hear Merry Christmas, bless you when you sneeze or see someone say thank you Jesus Christ. Freedom of speech and beliefs are being challenged. Christians should begin to stand up and be heard and stop being silent. When one speaks up for what they believe and have faith in and then they are wrong to do so because it is not in line with what others believe. This is not Freedom of speech or religion. I am secure in my belief and faith in Christ and do not feel threatened if others feel different, only saddened for them. We as a society have fallen short on our morals and standing up for what is right and wrong. I do not agree with some of the comments from people on the Pastors article of “ A Ware On Faith” above but they have a right to say what they believe just as others and as the pastor does.
    To Josh Newton who said “It is people of this kind of faith that are creating a “war” that no one else is fighting” Open your eyes and ears, for what you hold dear to your heart could be next to be challenged and silenced.
    To Secular Simian who said “So if faith is believing things irrationally, without evidence, then the “anti faith movement” could also be called the “rational thinking movement.” The world needs more rational thinking, don’t you think? “ My response is, could be, should be, nah NOT. We are not even on the same page, thank heaven (hope I did not offend you)
    To Anton who said “I aim to rid the world of non-evidence based idealology that is harmful to societies of the world” Really?, this is why the founding fathers held so dearly freedom of speech and religion so we are not forced to believe as you. Once again thank heaven. You are free to believe as you do just as others can believe and speak as they do. The difference is I do not aim to rid the world of your kind or your thought process. But what I will do is pray for you.
    It is time to wake up and support one another. I do not have to agree or like what you say or believe what you do but I support the freedom for you to say it, It is our right under the first amendment. When one group has their freedom removed then there is another group standing next in line that will have their freedom removed next. Wake up..

    • Josh Newton says:

      WMonroe: People that believe the way you do are already challenging and silencing things I hold dear like the right for anyone to have access to the institution of marriage for instance.

    • Anton says:

      I agree with “You are free to believe as you do just as others can believe and speak as they do”. I did say that I welcome and encourage free thought. And my intention is not to take away any freedom of speech or religion. I don’t want to force anybody to believe as I do. Please don’t pray for me. Pray (or do something that will help) for someone in the world who could use it. I am well and awake.

    • Secular Simian says:

      Wow, you really think the world does not need more rational thinking? Your statement on that topic makes clear why religion and faith are not virtues. They are vices.

  8. Emily says:

    What I think isn’t understood is that we don’t seek to persecute Christians or any group of religious people, we seek to find a place that we can all be comfortable living in- and that is a world where personal beliefs aren’t touted as bottom-line fact and forced into our lives.

    I would like to live in an age where religious beliefs are held as personal, private, and are understood to be unprovable. Stand firm in your beliefs, but do not force me to go along with them or respect them when I consider certain viewpoints to be harmful (stifling stem cell research, denying evidence for evolution, disparaging people with varying sexualities, and indoctrinating children with rigid paradigms).

    We can live together in harmony when opinion isn’t pushed upon others as ultimate law, and condescending tones of ‘I feel sorry for you, you poor atheist/non-Christian’ aren’t spewed about.

    I will stand with our founding father’s and the ACLU to protect each of our individual rights to express and practice a religion or not. Remember, separation of church and state works to protect your right to worship your god, Yahweh.

  9. Stephanie says:

    So true………. that christains should stand on faith in God and be motioved by faith as God leds us in our walks of destiny. The just shall live by faith and not by sight. Also Faith without works in dead. And it is impossible to please God without Faith. If we had Faith as the size of mustard seed then we tell the mountain to be cast into the sea and it then would “obey” us. Faith in God changes our whole perspective unlike the worldy perspective of rational thinking or opinions of our own. Also Faith is the substance of things “hoped” for. So a man thinks so is he. Great article and God bless you in your endeavors Pastor Jonathan!

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