I feel the Spirit of the Lord is saying this is a Kingdom Jubilee year, and the year of God’s dealing and His revealing. This is the year God has elected to restore and reveal the glory of The Bride; the bride of Christ. Even as the sun gives light to the moon to govern the darkness of night, so will the light of the Son be restored to His Bride and she will shine as the evening moon to govern the darkness that fills the earth. She will become a light to the nations, and yet the nations of the earth will seek to darken her light for fear of what it exposes and reveals. The glory of nations will turn to great dread as the judgment of God visits the earth with all its kings and rulers, but the hearts of men have become numb and deadened by deceit and pride thus the dealings of God will only spurn greater anger towards Him and His bride. But the justice of God will prevail, and those sealed by His Spirit will execute the authority of His Kingdom of which there is no end. The word that has been received by faith will once again in this moment be infused with the power of His promised Spirit, and it will become the living sword that executes the vengeance and favor of God in this day.

The bedrock of the earth itself will tremble violently with great dread at God’s dealings, and all that the foundations of the earth support in the idols of men will bow before the justice and righteousness of God. There is an angel that stands on the horizon of the eastern land and holds in its hand seven burning embers drawn from the fury of God’s wrath each ember will be placed on seven different nations of Ishmael and these nations will give up the odor of burning flesh men who have fallen by way of the sword, pestilence and famine. I will not forget Ishmael in the hour of My visitation, says the Lord. I will gather from him his sons and daughters that they may know Me and My name, says the Lord. They will know that salvation has come to all people and My name will be great even among them as they see My salvation come at the calling of My great name. What darkness has tried to hide from the sight of men will be revealed once again as the dawn of a restored glory awakens the hearts of those who seek salvation in this hour. Repentance will position you on the side of My mercy, says the Lord, but the stubbornness and defiance of one’s heart will position them on the side of My judgment.

America the great liberator will soon become known as a nation of great bondage. A nation whose shores were sought after for its opportunities will be fled from as a nation giving up refugees. A nation that once prospered for their fear of God will soon weep in shame and sorrow of the poverty that will rule over it and its people. Oh, America why have you forsaken Me, says the Lord? Why have you traded the cup of My favor for the cup of My judgment? Why have you become drunk off the lust of your eyes, the lust of your flesh and the boastful pride of life? A nation whose enemies once feared it is now a nation bathing in the blood of its own, and in the hour of their drunken stupor will be plundered by their enemies who seek its demise. Behold the dealings of the Lord are near, but be made aware that the revealing of His holy nation will appear; a Kingdom that cannot be shaken with an eternal throne and a King whose name heaven sings and creation praises. His Kingdom finds favor with the righteous and it brings justice upon the wicked.

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