Eternity is the expanse of existence with no beginning or end, but time is the measured amount of eternity allocated to us in the form of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.  Our very essence was grafted from eternity and took on form beginning in the womb, and woven into the fabric of our being is the measure of time given to us by God from its beginning unto its end.  Consider this: every second is a measure of the eternity that is given to us, and once it has passed it returns to eternity never to be regained in this life.  Now, we have to ask the following: How do we use that second of time when it is given to us? How well do we steward time during the span of our lives before it returns to eternity?  Does it return with greater value, or does it return with diminished value based on how we did or didn’t take advantage of it?

I can’t tell you how often I’ve made the statement that there just isn’t enough time.  Yet, when I stop to consider how I manage the allocated time I’ve been given I am forced to face the reality of how much time idly passes by or is spent on frivolous pleasures that have no value either in this life or the life to come, or is used recklessly by applying it to indulge in thoughts or behaviors that serve only to return to eternity with a debt of purpose.  I would argue that time is the most precious commodity we possess in this life.  It is the one resource given to us by God that we can never regain once it is gone.  We cannot buy more, we cannot create more, and we cannot take from someone else and add it to ourselves.  We have what we are given, and once we have spent or sowed it we are only left to stand before God to answer for our management of it as it produces an outcome that heaven records.  Although we may not have the ability to add more time to our lives, we do have the ability to determine the increased value of that time by how we use it.

When we begin to live with the mindset of eternity, then we tend to live life more purposefully, taking actions and thoughts and measuring them to their eternal value.  There are things I have chosen not to do with my life simply because I have determined that they do not carry the greatest eternal value for me.  And, at the same time, there are things I have chosen to do with my life and continue to do because I have determined that they carry great eternal value.

The thought that every second of time carries with it a merit of eternal value if we use it purposefully is very sobering, especially if we consider just how many seconds of time we waste in a day.  How can we apply a second of time in accomplishing something of greater value?  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Smile at someone or greet someone with a genuine kind word who looks to need it.
  2. Randomly purchase a cup of coffee or a meal for someone that you know or, even better, that you don’t know.
  3. Pick up the phone and call or text someone that you’re just thinking about.
  4. Help someone out who has an obvious need.
  5. Pray for someone that has offended you or comes to your mind at a random moment.
  6. Simply tell someone that you love them or, even better, share with someone that Jesus loves them.
  7. Use your skill to help someone in need.
  8. Encourage someone who appears to be stressed, depressed, or discouraged

These are just a few ideas, but as we begin to live every second of our lives with a mindset of eternity we will discipline ourselves to consider every moment with an awareness of purpose.  If it is not seized, that opportunity provided in a second will pass never to return.  Let’s become people of great wealth, because we have added great value to every second we are given.

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